Safer Roads, Safer Queensland


Queensland Road Safety Strategy stakeholders speak to media

On 10 April 2015, the Queensland Government held its first Safer Roads, Safer Queensland: Queensland’s Road Safety Strategy 2015-2021 Forum.

This Forum was attended by 40 key stakeholders, including CARRS-Q, who are committed to improving road safety through their work and community involvement.

Two subsequent Forums have since been held - please refer to the Queensland Government's The Safer Roads, Safer Queensland Forums Linked to another web site page for further information.



Safer Roads, Safer Queensland: Queensland's Road Safety Strategy 2015-2021


Based on Safe System principles, the main vision of this strategy is to adopt a long-term vision of zero road deaths and serious injuries. The whole system must be safe at every level of road safety management, and solutions need to be developed based on evidence and innovation.

Targets include:

  • Reduce fatalities from 303 (2008-2010 average) to 200 or fewer by 2020
  • Reduce hospitalised casualties from 6,670 (2008-2010 average to 4,669 or fewer by 2020

The Safe System approach recognises it is probably not possible to prevent all crashes but aims to prevent those that result in death and serious injury through the implementation of road related, vehicle related and speed related solutions.

Visit the Road safety strategy and action plan Linked to another web site page on the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads website to download the Strategy document and Action Plans.



Screen shot from Join the Drive website - community grants page


Queenslanders are invited to join us in implementing this plan and taking action to reduce serious road trauma.

How can you do this? Communities can become involved in local road safety programs through schools or other groups, or create your own initiative and apply for a Queensland Government road safety grant Linked to another web site.



SRSQ forum

Employers can check that fleet management, workplace health and safety, fatigue management and other policies support the safety of employees while they are on the road. Parents can be their child’s first role model for safe driving and teach basic road safety principles from an early age.

Everyone can investigate opportunities to participate in local community programs, such as volunteering as a learner driver mentor for a disadvantaged young person. Everyone can talk about road safety with family and friends, and can provide valuable feedback to CARRS-Q for our road safety research.

Let's make our roads safer for everyone.




For any further information about CARRS-Q's involvement in the Queensland Road Safety Strategy, please contact Kim Smith, Marketing and Events Officer on 07 3138 4568 or email