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Mr Christopher Watling
Mr Christopher Watling
Senior Research Officer
BBehavSc(Psych), PostGradDipPsych, MAppSc(Research), PhD
(07) 3138 7747 (International: +61 7 3138 7747)
(07) 3138 0111 (International: +61 7 3138 0111)
Kelvin Grove, K Block Level 2 222
Organisational Unit:
School of Psychology & Counselling, Faculty of Health
Institute Membership:
Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation (IHBI)


Christopher has completed a Bachelor of Behavioural Science (Psychology) in 2007 at QUT. In 2008 he completed his post graduate diploma thesis in the road safety arena. Christopher has completed a Master of Applied Science (Research) examining the psychophysiological effects of nap and active rest breaks for reducing driver sleepiness. Christopher completed his PhD with CARRS-Q examining sleepiness and driving in 2016.

Professional Memberships

Australasian Sleep Association

Foundation member of the Sleep Health Foundation

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QUT ePrints
Electronic copies of selected academic papers by Mr Christopher Watling are available on the QUT ePrints web site.

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Teaching Highlights

Christopher provides guest lecturing for undergraduate traffic psychology subjects.

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Research Highlights

Sleepiness and Driving: The Psychophysiological Effects of the Sleep and Wake Drives

The incidence of sleep-related crashes has been estimated to be approximately 20% of all fatal and severe crashes. Efforts to reduce the incidence of sleep-related crashes have largely been reliant on driver education given the inherent difficulties of enforcing driver sleepiness. However, the knowledge base that underscores this education platform is neither well understood nor extensively evaluated. Additionally, the application of existing biomathmatical models of sleep/wake to the complex driving environment and to brief but critical variations in sleepiness while driving is not compelling. Great gains for reducing the incidence rates of sleep-related crashes can potentially be achieved by addressing sleepiness while driving. Specifically, utilising laboratory and on-road setting to examine the effects of the sleep and wake drives can lead to a greater understanding of the variations in sleepiness while driving and provide a robust, empirically validated model of driver sleepiness. At the conclusion of this research program the accumulated findings can provide safer guidelines for Queensland drivers, potentially leading to fewer sleep-related crashes and a safer road environment.

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Christopher has successfully co-supervised Post Graduate Diploma (Psychology) students to completion.

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Professional Practice

Christopher is an experienced polysomnographer. His clinical experience entails conducting clinical sleep studies for a range of sleep disorders. He has clinical and research experience with polysomnographic measurements (i.e., EEG, EOG, EMG, ECG, EDA, respiration, actigraphy).

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