CARRS-Q Alumni Network


The CARRS-Q Alumni network is designed to foster continuing relationships between the Centre and its graduates, students and staff in order to provide opportunities for networking and professional development, as well as providing opportunites to connect with one another through events and activities.

The Alumni network is open to all past and current students and past and current staff. The idea behind this network of people is that it is Alumni led, meaning all activities are directed by the Alumni, for Alumni members.

Graduates of CARRS-QThis includes people who have completed:

  • Road safety units at a postgraduate level
  • Graduate Certificate in Road Safety
  • Graduate Diploma in Road Safety
  • Road Safety Audit or Evaluation short course
  • Masters Degree
  • PhD
  • Short or Long-term Visitor
  • Participant at a workshop from our customised education program

The Alumni network was established in late 2010. Since that time, Alumni activities have included featuring members in the regular CARRS-Q ‘Safety Visions’ newsletters, establishing the Alumni webpage, and fine tuning our mailing list to help ensure that we have up to date contact details for all members. An Alumni network gathering was held in late 2014 to coincide with CARRS-Q’s 18th birthday. Plans are afoot to create new and exciting ways for members to connect and network with each other.


Join now!

We also invite you to join us on LinkedIn to continue networking and exchanging ideas with each other. This is a closed site, available only to CARRS-Q Alumni members. To find out how you can connect with CARRS-Q on LinkedIn please email Ashlea Haddow at


Alumni Profiles


Events and activities

In order to provide networking and social opportunities for all Alumni, a series of events and activities will be organised around suitable road safety and other related themes.

Examples of proposed events include:

  • Free talks and seminars, workshops and events
  • Breakfast seminars
  • Guest speaker lectures
  • Notice of relevant external events


For further information on the CARRS-Q Alumni Network, and to share your ideas on how the network can best assist its members, please email Ashlea Haddow, Education & International Development Officer at or telephone +61 7 3138 4905.