Work-Related Road Safety

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Your organisation can be a safer work-related driving environment ... let us show you how!


What is work-related road safety?

Work-related road safety (or occupational road safety) is aimed at minimising injury risk to people and damage to vehicles and property. Crashes cause a number of direct and hidden costs, such as vehicle repair and replacement, lost productivity and administration time.

Work-related road safety is not only a cost issue but an important occupational health and safety (OH&S) issue. Everyone has obligations to ensure a safe working environment.


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CARRS-Q provides tailored services to organisations wishing to improve the safety of their vehicle fleets.  We have also developed a range of resources for the Work-related Road Safety Program - find out more and download samples.

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CARRS-Q occupational safety research

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CARRS-Q is one of the country's leading road safety research centres. The Centre is acknowledged within both the academic and commercial environment for its extensive contributions to improving road safety and its demonstrated success in achieving funding grants for numerous industry collaborative partnerships.

CARRS-Q has formed industry collaborative partnerships to investigate, research and develop fleet safety initiatives to improve work-related road safety. CARRS-Q was a contributor to The Queensland Government's Department of Housing and Public Works, QFleet Road Safety Manual for the Queensland Government vehicle fleet. Funding opportunities exist for industry to engage CARRS-Q in researching fleet safety.

For further information on research opportunities available with CARRS-Q and your organisation contact the Fleet Safety Team.


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