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CARRS-Q is pleased to announce a new initiative to keep kids safe


Our latest safety campaign is all about kids: children aged 3 — 9 who are at risk of becoming involved in pedestrian/vehicle crashes.Cartoon image of a family next to a pedestrian crossing

Research has shown us that, until the age of nine, children’s perceptual and cognitive abilities are not sufficiently developed to allow them to make sound judgements when they’re crossing roads. It’s hard for them to judge vehicle distances and speeds. What’s more, many crashes occur when they impulsively run out between parked cars.

This campaign won the "Excellence in Media Evaluation Award" at the 2016 International Safety Media Awards, Tampere, Finland.

What’s the problem?

Lack of sufficient adult supervision has been identified as an important factor in child pedestrian injury. Research showed that, while parents will usually hold the hands of younger children, they are less likely to do so:Cartoon image of a child "flying" from between parked cars

  • When the children are a little older
  • When they’re simply walking along the footpath
  • When they’re in what appears to be a quiet street
  • When they’re in a carpark

Our hand-holding campaign

We are being supported by the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads, the Motor Accident Insurance Commission and the RACQ to develop some community service announcements and other materials for parents. The aim of the campaign is to raise awareness of the risks but, more importantly, provide some helpful strategies and suggestions on what they can do to help keep kids safe on and around roads and carparks.

Resources for you and your kids


Resources for schools and day care centres

If you would like to order any hard copies of the above posters or flyers, please contact us on the details below to have some mailed out to you.

For more information

Please contact Ashlea Haddow, Education and International Development Officer on 07 3138 4592 or email a.haddow@qut.edu.au.