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Brochures & booklets

CARRS-Q: Recognising 10 years' achievement [PDF, 1.95MB]

This booklet was produced in 2006 to recognise 10 years of achievement by the Centre.


Queensland Road Safety Awards: Celebrating 10 years [PDF, 1.12MB]

Produced in 2009, this booklet celebrates the 10th anniversary of the Queensland Road Safety Awards.


Fact sheets

CARRS-Q provides a range of fact sheets on general road safety issues.



CARRS-Q infographics provide research-based road safety information in a visual format.


Newsletters and magazines

"Safety Visions" March 2017

Latest Distraction Research
- Hands-free mobiles just as distracting as hand-held behind the wheel
- Why do some drivers slow down when using mobile phones?
- Strange bedfellows? The links between driver distraction & driver sleepiness
- Young drivers' smartphone engagement: beliefs & behaviours
- Read our latest updated Fact Sheets
- What are young drivers' responses to road safety advertisements?
- Education update
- Recent publications
- Participate in research
- Update your calendar
- CARRS-Q in the news

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Programs & Services information

There are a range of publications that provide specific information on our programs and services:

Fleet Safety publications

Under the Limit (UTL) publications


Research activities

Information about our research activities may be found in Research publications and CARRS-Q press releases.



CARRS-Q has several short online videos about our work and facilities, including the Advanced Driving Simulator.


image of cover of CARRS-Q 10 year commemorative booklet (link to PDF, 1.95MB)

small image of the CARRS-Q Bicycle Safety fact sheet

Small version of the CARRS-Q Minimum Passing Distance infographic

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