Fact Sheets

CARRS-Q has a range of fact sheets that provide general information on road safety issues.

young people jumping in the air

Adolescent risk-taking

[PDF, 1.27MB]


policeman breathalysing motorist

Advanced driving simulator

[PDF, 1.83MB]


shaking fist out car window

Aggressive driving

[PDF, 787KB]


cyclists wearing helmets

Bicycle safety

[PDF, 2.13MB]


policeman breathalysing motorist

Drink driving

[PDF, 761KB]



Drug driving

[PDF, 442KB]


tired man rubbing his eyes


[PDF, 1.54MB]


heavy goods vehicle

Heavy goods vehicle safety

[PDF, 1.03MB]


Police officers inspect burnout marks on a road.  Image source: Drive.com.au


[PDF, 338KB]


driving while affected by medication

Indigenous road safety

[PDF, 509KB]


CARRS-Q's Advanced Driving Simulator

Intelligent Transport Systems

[PDF, 854KB]


driving while affected by medication

Medication and driving

[PDF, 786KB]


using a mobile phone while driving

Mobile phones and distraction

[PDF, 1.32MB]


a busy road

Monotony and hypovigilance

[PDF, 1.37MB]


policeman leaning over motorbike on the ground

Motorcycle safety

[PDF, 1.70MB]

novice driver

Novice drivers

[PDF, 1.44MB]


a man in a hard hat

OHS & construction safety

[PDF, 2.66MB]

older driver

Older road users

[PDF, 1.36MB]

railway level crossing with boom gate

Railway level crossing safety

[PDF, 626KB]


woman holding injured person on road

Road safety advertising

[PDF, 531KB]


four-wheel drive vehicle on a remote road

Rural and remote road safety

[PDF, 1.23MB]


buckled seat belt

Seat belts

[PDF, 1.65MB]


speed detection


[PDF, 0.99MB]


fleet vehicles

Work-related road safety

[PDF, 622KB]



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