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"Safety Visions" December 2016 Linked to another web site

2016 Highlights
- Research
- Education
- Advocacy
- New grants and commissioned research
- CARRS-Q in the news
- Participate in research
- Mark your diaries


"Safety Visions" September 2016 Linked to another web site

Keeping the Community Safe
- Helping the community to speak up for road safety
- Is 40 the new 50?
- P.A.R.T.Y. teaching consequences to keep teens safe
- Workshops target beach driving safety
- CARRS-Q's road ahead
- Pedestrian Safety Fact Sheet released
- Road safety: What is the Safe System?
- Meet our theme researchers: Dr Mark King and Dr Angela Watson


"Safety Visions" August 2016 Linked to another web site

Tech Research
- CARRS-Q simulator shaping cars of the future
- Where's the train?
- Eco-driving tech: Saving lives and the Earth
- ICTTP2016: Global conference, Australian success
- Expert visitor seminar program
- Meet our theme researchers: Dr Grégoire Larue and Dr Sébastien Demmel


"Safety Visions" June 2016 Linked to another web site

Injury Prevention
- Improvements needed in hospital injury data coding
- Improving Indigenous licensing
- Advance Queensland Award to reduce workplace illness and injury
- New collaboration co-located with Lady Cilento Children's Hospital
- Prof Barry Watson addresses United Nations
- Towards Zero infographic
- Meet our theme researchers: A/Prof Kirsten Vallmuur and Amy Williamson


"Safety Visions" May 2016 Linked to another web site

Drink Driving
- Tackling drink driving at the doctor's door
- Female drink drivers: A rising trend
- Drink driving apps: Building a quality tool for drink driving prevention
- Rehab program helps drivers stay under the limit
- Fact sheets offer comprehensive snapshot
- Infographic: The true road toll
- Meet our theme researchers: Dr Michelle Fitts and Dr Hollie Wilson


"Safety Visions" April 2016 Linked to another web site

Bike Safety
- Drivers comply with cyclist passing rules: CARRS-Q evaluates trial
- Motorcyclists: Beware the road
- Quads and kids: A dangerous mix
- New quad bike safety fact sheet
- New bicycle safety fact sheet
- Meet our theme researchers: Kim Vuong and Yusuf Adinegoro


"Safety Visions" March 2016 Linked to another web site

Work-related Safety
- Assessment tool improves fleet safety
- Injury: Improving industry and regulator response
- Roadworks challenge safety
- Inaugural Queensland forum
- ICTTP2016 program released
- Education news
- Meet our theme researchers: Dr Ashim Debnath and Dr Jason Edwards


"Safety Visions" December 2015
[PDF, 349KB]

- Tackling DIDO & FIFO worker health
- If it's flooded, forget it
- Drug driving: Are your meds affecting you?
- ARSC2015: Action taken together
- Free materials promote child pedestrian safety
- Researcher in focus: Oscar Oviedo-Trespalacios


"Safety Visions" September 2015
[PDF, 486KB]

- Virtual driving coach to tackle risky driving
- Tracking racers as they fight the sleep monster
- New Director appointed
- Parents help police young drivers
- Co-located signage: Too distracting?
- Hand in Hand: Child pedestrian safety campaign launched
- QRSA 2015 winners announced
- Intervention works: Truckies on road to better health


"Safety Visions" June 2015
[PDF, 489KB]

- New tools tackle alcohol and drugs at work
- Helping drink drivers steer clear of reoffending
- Profiling our worst speeding offenders
- Not drink driving is often against the lore
- Cyclists get say on new safety app
- Take my hand: Campaign to improve child pedestrian safety
- QRSA Community Engagement Workshop heads to Mackay


"Safety Visions" March 2015
[PDF, 352KB]

- Data linkage shows promise
- Adverts to slow drivers
- Quad bike injury under scrutiny
- Leading conferences unite
- Cycle of fear keeps bikeshare parked
- Digital distraction: Pedestrians admit near-misses
- Director accepts global role
- Researcher in focus: Dr Angela Watson


"Safety Visions" December 2014
[PDF, 355KB]

- New benchmarks for rail incident investigators
- No licence, no start
- Smartphone app for taxi safety
- One metre rule for cyclists evaluated
- Have your say on leading causes of road crashes
- Parents make bad call with mobile phones
- QRSA continues to engage
- Changing bad health habits
- Meet our Alumni: Dr Suhaila Abdul Hanan


"Safety Visions" September 2014
[PDF, 477KB]

- Truckies hit road to health
- Collision avoidance for cyclists
- Bad behaviour more frustrating than dangerous driving
- Drink walkers urged by mates
- New mums excessively sleepy
- Over 70 and driving: Who do you listen to?
- Researcher in focus: Sébastien Demmel


"Safety Visions" June 2014
[PDF, 395KB]

- Piloting safer work zones
- Parents urged to be safer with baby slings
- International road safety news
- New grants and research
- Education News
- Meet our Alumni: Chng Ee Beng


"Safety Visions" April 2014
[PDF, 281KB]

- Why pedestrians & trains collide
- Stop-go: Controlling the dangers at roadworks
- Don't judge older drivers by age
- Marketing public health
- OSIT2014: Register now!
- Researcher in focus: Dr Ashim Debnath


"Safety Visions" December 2013
[PDF, 232KB]

- New campaign ticks boxes
- QRSA winners announced
- Women drink more now
- Near fatal crash turns Council safety
- Meet our alumni: Kathy Wiseman


"Safety Visions" October 2013
[PDF, 138KB]

- Peripheral vision blinded by mobiles
- Retirees bring skills to bush
- Get behind the wheel of CARRS-Q research
- RBTs effect on state crash rates reviewed
- Meet our alumni: Sgt Craig McPherson


"Safety Visions" July 2013
[PDF, 256KB]

- Construction sector to tackle AOD use
- Do you cross the line?
- Designer drugs: the new face of drug abuse
- Nominate for a road safety award
- Community engagement workshop
- Injury prevention & safety promotion conference
- Researcher in focus: Dr Ashleigh Filtness


"Safety Visions" May 2013
[PDF, 135KB]

- Self report data: reliable?
- Sneaky texting behind wheel
- Car to car conversations
- PhD by publication: The "write" option
- T2013 brings UN Decade of Action to Brisbane
- International News
- New grants and research
- Research to publication
- Education news
- Staff and student achievements
- Meet our Alumni: Hossein Rouzikhah
- Mark your diaries


"Safety Visions" December 2012
[PDF, 202KB]

- Insomnia and sleep apnoea trial
- Indigenous drink driving under review
- Effective speed enforcement
- Older driver safety research consultation
- International news
- New grants and research
- Research to publication
- Education news
- Staff and student achievements
- Researcher in focus: Dr Mark King
- Mark your diaries


"Safety Visons" October 2012
[PDF, 129KB]

- Thinking ahead: Brain controlled car of the future
- Variable message signs slow drivers
- Intervention to "pull up" first time drink driving offenders
- Abstract call opens for T2013
- First OSIT Conference a success
- International road safety news
- Education news
- Staff and student achievements
- Meet our alumni: Tristan Robertson
- Mark your diaries


"Safety Visons" May 2012
[PDF, 171KB]

- International alcohol & drugs conference comes to Brisbane
- Parents move to booster seats too early
- Tackling 33,900 preventable deaths & serious injuries
- International road safety news
- New grants and commissioned research
- Research to publication
- QFleet's support awarded
- Conference to spotlight occupational safety in transport
- Education news
- Staff and student achievements
- Researcher in focus: Dr Kirsten McKenzie
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"Safety Visions" December 2011
[PDF, 118KB]

- Women's drinking on rise
- On the bike! (or not)
- Car ownership puts teens at risk
- International road safety news
- Occupational safety in transport conference
- Industry partners take out national award
- Education news
- Researcher in focus: Dr Md. Mazharul Haque
- Mark your diaries


"Safety Visions" October 2011
[PDF, 142KB]

- Anxiety and depression linked to risk-taking
- Adolescent passengers targeted to save lives
- Indigenous licensing program wins top award
- International collaborations
- Staff and student achievements
- CARRS-Q short courses
- Meet our Alumni
- New grants and research
- Mark your diaries


"Safety Visions" September 2011
[PDF, 69KB]

- UN Decade of Action for Road Safety
- QRSA Workshop
- CARRS-Q joins government reviews
- Myth buster: Helmets halve head injuries
- Staff and student achievements
- CARRS-Q short courses
- Researcher in focus: Dr Chris Wullems
- Mark your diaries
- New grants and research


"Safety Visions" Autumn 2011

[PDF, 452KB]

- Construction industry puts the screws on alcohol and drugs
- Three common failings cost fleets
- Chinese and Australian drivers targeted to slow down
- International road safety news
- Conference brings the front line to Brisbane
- Adolescent injury researcher recognised
- Testing new measures to enhance railway level crossing safety
- National excellence award for construction research centre
- Researcher in focus: Tamzyn Davey


"Safety Visions" Summer 2010

[PDF, 544KB]

- CARRS-Q drives away with international award
- Training program for rail incident investigators
- Transport expert joins CARRS-Q
- Monotony and fatigue: dual hazards for drivers
- 2010 Queensland Road Safety Awards Community Engagement Workshop
- Motorcyclist safety apparel under observation
- CARRS-Q success in ARC grant round
- Road safety expert awarded national fellowship
- Tackling overconfidence behind the wheel
- Researcher in focus: Dr Ioni Lewis


"Safety Visions" Spring 2010

[PDF, 524KB]

- Baby boomers drive the future
- New research to enhance heavy vehicle safety
- QRSA workshop to assist community road safety initiatives
- Education update

- Meet our alumni


"Safety Visions" Autumn 2010

[PDF, 753KB]

- Simulator set to drive down road toll
- Lockout reduces alcohol-fuelled crime
- Protecting volunteer drivers
- National award for UTL
- Learning to drive with ADHD: New research provides insight
- Education update: Alumni
- Staff performance recognised

- Researcher in focus: David Soole


"Safety Visions" Summer 2009

[PDF, 798KB]

- Exhausted new mothers at risk on the road
- Road safety not on employers' radar
- 2009 Queensland Road Safety Awards
- International road safety news
- Grey nomads admit to "winging it"
- Meet our Alumni: Hamish Piercy

- Researcher in focus: Dr Gavan Palk


"Safety Visions" Winter 2009

[PDF, 3.44MB]

- Sleepiness: A critical risk for young drivers
- New profile of injury prevention in Queensland
- International road safety news
- CARRS-Q scoops ARC grant pool
- Meet our Alumni
- Two new studies to target driveway run-overs

- Researcher in focus: Dr Kirsteen Titchener


"Safety Visions" Autumn 2009

[PDF, 2.32MB]

- Learner driver experiences to improve licensing systems
- Unlicensed and unregistered driving set for review
- CARRS-Q takes out community safety award
- Connection with parents and peers: A potential influence on young drink drivers?
- Researcher in focus: Angela Nielson


"Safety Visions" Spring 2008

[PDF, 308KB]

- Retirement marks the end of an era
- Major rural study findings released
- Queensland injury prevention under review

- Researcher in focus: Dr Simon Smith


"Safety Visions" Winter 2008

[PDF, 282KB]

- New simulator to advance road safety research
- Over the limit and behind the wheel no more
- What drives people to ignore medication labels?
- Researcher in focus: Professor Narelle Haworth


"Safety Visions" Spring 2007

[PDF, 206KB]

- Elephants in traffic & rice cooker helmets
- Motorcycle rider intentions & behaviour study
- Caution urged for offroad motorcyclists
- Researcher in focus: Professor Vic Siskind


"Safety Visions" Summer 2005

[PDF, 240KB]

- Awards recognise top road safety initiatives
- Researcher in focus: Dr James Freeman
- Rural Drivers at Risk on the Roads
- CARRS-Q Scholarship Opportunities


"Safety Visions" Autumn 2005

[PDF, 243KB]

- Road safety advertising ... the role of emotional appeals
- Boys on the road
- Pioneers to solve 4WD crash rate
- Developing countermeasures to address unlicensed drivers
- Riding the road
- Safety snippets


"Safety Visions" Summer 2004

[PDF, 240KB]

- Top Queensland road safety initiatives recognised
- Bid to help save lives on North Queensland roads
- Drug driving project underway
- You're becoming very sleepy ... A workshop in monotony
- CARRS-Q research & activity profile
- Staff accomplishments
- Driving your education further


"Safety Visions" Winter 2004

[PDF, 251KB]

- 2004 Australian Road Safety Inventors Forum
- Indigenous Licensing Project Update
- CARRS-Q research & activity profile
- Ambulance driver education under review
- World Health Day - road safety is no accident
- Level crossing risk management in Australia


"Safety Visions" Summer 2003

[PDF, 903KB]

- Risk-taking with young lives
- Railway level crossings
- Motor cycle crashes under review
- Awards recognise Queensland efforts
- CARRS-Q current research & activity profile
- Scholarship opportunities


"Safety Visions" Autumn 2003

[PDF, 245KB]

- Saving lives on country roads
- Who is road safety advertising relevant to?
- "Scandal of tolerance" for fleet safety
- Criminals beware: The traffic police are out
- Award wins
- Taking fleet safety international
- Motorcycle training scheme evaluation


"Safety Visions" Summer 2002

[PDF, 204KB]

- New messages needed for Indigenous drivers
- Firing on all cylinders
- Dealing with life at the wheel
- Youth drink driving video launched at Awards
- Distance Education developments
- AFL Club sponsored to drive sober
- Teaching children to "bounce back"
- Too drunk to drive ... what about walk?
- Fellowship for study of undercover police


"Safety Visions" Autumn 2002

[PDF, 790KB]

- Vision Zero for Queensland school children
- Driving disqualified
- Eyewitness recall
- Forum invention to target school bus safety
- All for the thrill ... the price may be "life"
- Funding new study initiatives
- Pubs tackle drink driving


"Safety Visions" Summer 2001

[PDF, 378KB]

- Drug driving challenges road authorities
- Tertiary training in road safety
- Fleet safety a growing concern
- Taking road safety into their own hands
- Parents: look twice before reversing
- new options for drinkd rivers
- Bigger may not be better on the road
- Innovative study finds traumatic experiences can create positive growth