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CARRS-Q undertakes research into road safety and injury prevention in order to address the enormous human, economic and social costs resulting from road crashes.  The Centre has a commitment to achieve real and long-term results by providing research based information to policy makers and the community.

CARRS-Q research projects are grouped into the following themes: Intelligent Transport Systems, Occupational Safety, Regulation and Enforcement, Road Safety InfrastructureSchool and Community Injury Prevention, and Vulnerable Road Users (view main Research page).


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A speeding car approaches pedestrians waiting to cross the road



A driver shakes his fist at another car

Aggressive driving 


A policeman conducting a roadside breath test for alcohol

Alcohol-affected driving


A cyclist rides beside a road with traffic



A driver talks on a mobile phone with his arm draped over the steering wheel

Distracted driving


A handful of pills and tablets

Drug-affected driving


A car that has run off the road and crashed into a tree

Fatigued driving


Indigenous Australian men with pictures of traffic signs

Indigenous people


An Indonesian street scene: pedestrians, taxi, scooter and traffic police






A four wheel drive vehicle driving uphill through sand

Off-road driving


An older man behind the wheel of a car

Older drivers


A young child being strapped into a baby seat in a car




School children crossing a road



A vehicle waits for a train to pass at a railway level crossing



A rural road with a herd of cattle crossing

Rural and remote areas


A car speeds on a suburban street




A group of people cook over a campfire beside a tour bus and four wheel drive vehicle



A city street with traffic and pedestrians

Urban areas


A young learner driver supervised by an adult

Young drivers



The CARRS-Q Advanced Driving Simulator was completed in 2010, and is available for use by researchers.


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