Intelligent Transport Systems

A vehicle with driver testing technology installed

This research theme covers topics including the use of technology and information systems, design and assessment of future ITS technology, simulation and cost-benefit analysis. It has a strong focus on human factors aspects of technology.

We use the Safe System framework to study the road transport system holistically. Our three research axes are Connected Automated Vehicles (CAV), Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) and Behavioural Analysis. We capitalise on research progress in Internet of Things (IoT), automated/connected cars, Deep learning (AI), person’s data acquisition (Quantified Self) and ubiquitous computing to reduce behavioral uncertainties in transport.

Team members have expertise in computer science, civil engineering, psychology, sociology, mathematics and statistics.

This theme benefits from access to high quality research facilities including an advanced driving simulator, research vehicle, a range of analysis software and in-vehicle sensors. The team collaborates with prestigious road safety centres including IFSTTAR Linked to another web site (LIVIC, LPC) and UMTRI Linked to another web site.


Theme contributors

Professor Andry Rakotonirainy Linked to another web site
Dr Sébastien Demmel Linked to another web site
Dr MD. Mazharul Haque Linked to another web site
Dr Grégoire Larue (Theme Leader)
Dr Ronald Schroeter Linked to another web site


PhD candidates

Samantha (Shin Huey) Chen (complete)
Thesis title: Mining patterns and factors contributing to crash severity on road curves Linked to another web site

Tiago Camacho Linked to another web site (complete)
Thesis title: Technology-Mediated Tools for Shaping Experience in Urban Commuter Trains

Sepehr Ghasemi Dehkordi
Thesis title: An optimal green and safe driving assistance model

Dr Sébastien Demmel Linked to another web site (complete)
Thesis title: Building an augmented map for road risk assessment Linked to another web site

Hasitha Dilshani Dabare Gamage
Thesis title: Adaptive Traffic Eco-Speed Control for Signalised Arterials using Reinforcement Learning

Dr Grégoire Larue (complete)
Thesis title: Predicting effects of monotony on driver's vigilance Linked to another web site

Husnain Malik (complete)
Thesis title: An assessment system for evaluation of driving competencies Linked to another web site

Hajananth Nallaivarothayan Linked to another web site
Thesis title: Video Based Detection of Normal and Anomalous Behaviour of Individuals

Mohammad Naim Rastgoo Linked to another web site
Thesis title: Automatic Detection of Car Driver’s Stress Levels Using Multimodal Sensors and Context Data

Teodora Stefanova (complete)
Thesis title: Factors shaping pedestrians' unsafe behaviour at actively protected level crossings

Atiyeh Vaezipour
Thesis title: Design and development of an in-vehicle human machine interface to improve fuel efficiency and road safety

Daniel Vankov
Thesis title: Using peers and Information and Communication Technology in improving road safety for young drivers





Recent projects (in order of commencement date):

Understanding the impact of autonomous vehicles on behaviour and interactions (2016 - in progress)

Good intention but bad judgement? An Intelligent Transport System study to examine objective versus subjective driving performance (2015 - in progress)

Impact of waiting times on risk and standardisation of waiting times (2015 - 2016)

Improving taxi driver safety with a smartphone feedback system: a pilot study (2015 - in progress)

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle demonstrator for road safety critical tasks in urban environments (2015 - in progress)

CoopEcoSafe: A new cooperative, green and safe driving system (2014 - 2016)

Prevalence and perception of following too closely in Queensland (2014 - 2016)

Risky gadgets to the rescue: Designing personal ubicomp devices to foster safer driving behaviours in young males (2014 - 2016)

Ability to absorb information through electronic and static signs (2013 - 2014)

The Australian naturalistic driving study: Innovation in road safety research and policy (2013 - in progress)

Integrated facility for recording driver and road user behaviour (2013 - in progress)



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