Occupational Safety

Developing contemporary driving risk assessment tools to improve fleet safety (2008 - 2012)

This research project developed a battery of effective driving measurement tools  to gain a better understanding of the factors associated with vehicle-related injuries and fatalities within Australian fleet settings e.g., speeding, fatigue, time-pressure.

The project had a significant impact on road safety through the development of effective driving risk measurement scales that will inform the implementation of fleet interventions designed to identify and reduce high risk fleet driving behaviours.

The project was the first national or international study of its kind, and could potentially make a significant contribution to Australian business effectiveness, as well as reduce the emotional and physical burden of road crashes. 

This research was supported by an ARC Linkage grant and QFleet.


Contact: Jeremy Davey Linked to another web site or James Freeman Linked to another web site


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Theme: Occupational Safety

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