Occupational Safety

An evidence based approach to improved regulation by positively influencing interactions between industry and the regulator (2015 - 2017)

The research will develop an understanding of how deterrence-based and positive/persuasive approaches can be used to influence industry to move toward, or maintain, work health and safety compliance.  It will also develop an understanding of how the workplace health and safety regulator can ensure effective implementation of these approaches.

The project will seek to identify the:

  1. Contextual, social, legislative, and organisational factors that contribute to and influence industry to move toward, or maintain, work health and safety compliance.
  2. Beliefs, policy, theoretical understandings, constructs and actions, of the regulator (as represented at senior management and middle management levels).
  3. Personal, cultural, organisational and environmental influences, including required skills, knowledge and abilities, on the decision making process of the inspector/staff.
  4. Approaches required to align these three aspects.

This research is supported by Workplace Health & Safety - Queensland.


Contact: Jeremy Davey Linked to another web site, Kerry Armstrong Linked to another web site, or Jason Edwards Linked to another web site


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Theme: Occupational Safety



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