Road Safety Infrastructure

Self-explaining roadworks: A pilot study to prevent injuries to drivers and roadworkers (2016 - in progress)


This research aims to improve roadwork safety by designing self-explaining roadwork sites in a way that they match driver expectations of travelling through roadworks. Driver expectations will be understood by collecting and analysing information about Australian drivers’ expectations and views about various aspects of travelling through roadworks using an online survey. The data will be analysed to identify the common and important driver expectations. Gaps in the current design processes of roadwork sites will be identified by comparing drivers’ expectations and roadwork design processes and practices. Conceptual roadwork design solutions will be developed to address the gaps so that roadworks are self-explanatory to drivers. The solutions will be consulted with the industry in order to understand the feasibility, applications, and challenges associated with the proposed solutions.

This research is supported by the 2016 Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation Mid-Career Researcher Development Scheme.


Contact: Ashim Debnath Linked to another web site



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Theme: Road Safety Infrastructure



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