Road Safety Infrastructure

LC/16 - Active 'Expect Trains' sign trial (2016 - in progress)


As part of a wider initiative to make level crossings safer, KiwiRail is considering upgrading passive crossing with road-vehicle-activated 'Look for Trains' signs, which may have greater conspicuity and improve motorists' visual checks toward level crossing signage and rail tracks for detecting trains. This study specifically focuses on evaluating the effects of this new signage on driver visual scanning and search behaviours to confirm whether 'checking activity' increases upon installation of the signs. It uses a mixed approach methodology, combining objective data measurements from an eye tracking system (where drivers are looking when passing the signs and on approach to the crossing), with qualitative information to understand and contextualise drivers' gaze behaviour.

This research is supported by the Australasian Centre for Rail Innovation.


Contact: Gregoire Larue or Christopher Watling



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Theme: Road Safety Infrastructure



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