UNDER THE LIMIT Drink Driving Rehabilitation Program

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What is Under the Limit?

Under the Limit is a 6 week drink driving prevention and rehabilitation program that is offered through the magistrates courts in association with a probation order, or on legal or self referral. The program focuses on offenders devising solutions to avoid drink driving that are most appropriate to their own circumstances. It focuses on reducing alcohol consumption by placing it in the context of lifestyle problems, such as lack of exercise, diet, stress, friendships and the family. More...

Information for Participants

Information for Trainers

Information for Solicitors, Magistrates, Probation and Parole Officers


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UTL Program brochure [PDF, 317KB]

UTL Program postcard [PDF, 98KB]

UTL Program poster [PDF, 262KB]

CARRS-Q Drink Driving fact sheet [PDF, 1.79MB]


Contact details

Enquiries can be directed to Sue Taylor of CARRS-Q, on 07 3138 8447 or email utladmin@qut.edu.au.


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UNDER THE LIMIT is a program of the Centre for Accident Research and Road Safety - Queensland (CARRS-Q), in collaboration with a departmental team including Magistrates, Department of Community Safety, Transport and Main Roads, and Queensland Police.